Protect the safety of your employees and visitors with thermal camera screening protocols. Infrared technology efficiently screens groups of people entering a facility and detects individuals with elevated body temperatures.

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Malko Communication Services offers turnkey installation of the hybrid thermal camera. As a leading Chicago-area union electrical contractor, we hold a private alarm contractor’s license and our certified technicians are backed by 96 years of unsurpassed expertise, reliable service, and guaranteed performance.

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Thermal cameras are a CDC recommended solution for temperature screening. Our protocol systems are a reliable and non-invasive process to test patrons for fevers while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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Technology and Performance:

  • Record accurate temperature readings within +/– .5°F
  • Screen up to 30 people per second
  • Receive live alerts and notifications on a mobile app and via email
  • Set pathways and entrance zones to fit the scanning range of the camera
  • Allow guests to walk through the designated screening area(s) uninhibited
  • Strengthen your public health emergency response plan
  • Put tenants and employees at ease

Turnkey Installation and Training

This initial fever screening solution is more than just a camera: It scans everyone entering the facility and empowers business and building operators to address only those who are detected with elevated body temperatures.

Malko provides all equipment, labor, programming and system training, as well as offering support to formalize your protocols. Pairing the best equipment with necessary processes helps ensure the solution works for everyone.

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At Malko Communication Services, we’re proud of our outstanding reputation in our hometown of Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Three generations of hard work and a customer-first approach have brought us to the forefront of the electrical industry. It is our mission to continue moving forward, keep pace with technology, and stay in touch with our customers’ needs.

In addition to thermal camera screening protocols, Malko offers turnkey AV, Wireless/DAS, Security, Low Voltage cabling and Electrical services. We are committed to exceeding industry standards and all of our technicians are trained and certified in every product we install. Our range of experience includes hundreds of installations for office buildings, hotels, banks, hospitals, special events and commercial projects.

“Working with Malko was great as there was always someone readily available to discuss project updates and make the right decisions”

Matt Swinehar, LGH Owner

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